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About Us

I was born in 1964. I graduated from Veterinary faculty of Uludag university in 1988.



Assisting to solve the problems of feed sector with an indepent and tecnical perspective.



Providing honest, succesful, and sustainable consultancy facility to feed, animal, and premix sector in our country and trying to reduce the costs of feeds.


What do we do?

Feed mills, dairy and beef farms and premix companies provide technical consultancy services.


Dairy Farm

  • Economic solutions of TMRs for milking & dry cows, heifers and calves,
  • Setting annual forages and concentrated feeds budgets,
  • Generating quality-control criteria for forages and other raw materials,
  • Informing purchasing department about suppliers who have the best raw-materials in terms of concentrated feeds.
  • Providing technical support for farm manager and reporting herd management data for administration.


Feed Mill

  • All rations are optimized via the multiblend program in few seconds,
  • Cost reducing with rations which are using alternative raw materials,
  • Setting monthly raw materials budgets for purcahsing departments,
  • Designing feed mills which can produce the lowest costly rations,
  • Controlling matrixes of raw-materials and products.



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