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Who is Dr. Yusuf YEL?

Dr. Yusuf YEL

I was born in Bilecik. I graduated from Veterinary faculty of Uludag university in 1988. I worked as R&D asistant in animal nutrition department. After I had Ph D about animal nutrition in 1995, I started working in private sector. I worked as a production, R & D, purchasing, tecnical sales manager, general manager and adviser in domestic and foreign companies ,for instance, Abalioglu feed factory. In addition to these;

  • I received education of Bestmix ration program in Belgium and I translated bestmix program to turkish,
  • I received education of dairy nutrition and CPM in Cornell University,
  • I provided technical support for domestic and also international premixes companies.
  • I participated the most important fairs in many countries such as; the USA, France, Netherlands, and Germany.
  • I participated technical trips in France and Israel,
  • I have been optimizing rations via Format, Brill, Bestmix and Opti-formula programs for feed mills and premix companies.
  • I have been optimizing TMR rations via CPM, INRA (Chorus), NDS programs for dairy and beef farms.
  • I have been giving seminaries about animal nutrition and feeding in different cities for feed mills and premix companies.

I am married, have two sons, have intermediate level of english, and I am living in Istanbul.


Assisting to solve the problems of feed sector with an indepent and tecnical perspective.


Providing honest, succesful, and sustainable consultancy facility to feed, animal, and premix sector in our country and trying to reduce the costs of feeds.


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