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   Beef Farm

  • Economic rations depend on breed of beef, regions, type of production and meat quality,
  • Productions of beef grower, finisher and concentrated feeds depend on targets of farms,
  • Setting budgets of annual forages and concentrated feeds,
  • Generating quality-control criterias for forages and other raw materials,
  • Informing the purchasing departments of companies about suppliers who have the best raw-materials in terms of concentrated feeds.
  • Providing technical support for farm managers and reporting herd management data to their administration by interpreting.
  • Controlling of feeding processes and raw materials during the farm visitation,
  • Setting special premixes depends on requirements of beefs and periods of animal growing,
  • Sending samples of raw materilas and TMRs to high-qualified labs and after that, interpretation of lab analyses,
  • Calculation of the costs of total feeds and meats per kg,
  • Education for technical personals of farms by examining and explaining the relationship between nutrition and feeding in terms of crushing quality, sizes of particules, fecal score, locomotion score, condition score, bunk score and rumination score.


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